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About the fundation

Estamos trabajando para mejorar nuestra imagen Web

estamos siempre a la paz con nuestro pueblo dominicano. el avance tecnológico es parte de todos. trabajamos para mejorar.

Objective: To achieve a significant contribution thru the tenacious and persevering work of our members, to contribute to education, health, food, construction and repair of housing, collaboration with other institutions, improving the living conditions of the poor and in general contribute to the development of our country.

Mission: To dedicate our services to the society in general and in a very particular way to the ones with greater needs, in the areas related to education, health, food, culture, sports and in the event of catastrophic disasters.

Vision: Obtain aid from national and international institutions as well as from individuals that will contribute to the development and well being of our country, developing thru social work solutions that will contribute a help for the less privilege class. 

Values: Honesty, Solidarity, Charity, Fraternity and Generosity.


Our history…How we came to where we are.

Our Social work began informally in 1974 with the creation of the sports and cultural club ¨April 20¨ of what was called back then Angelina section. This institution was instrumental to us to develop a comprehensive social program aimed at children, elderly, sick and needy, development of various sports groups, creating a literacy school, setting an annual cultural week and management through State and private institutions for solutions to community problems, with the passing of the years we were forming social groups to contribute to the work plan for what we plan to develop in the next 20 years, and that’s how we managed the formation of joints neighbors, housewives clubs, the development committee of the sections: the Crossing Angelina , the Castilians sector, the Fortune,  Barrio Lindo, the Remolino, El Limoncito, Padre Fantino, among others.
For further in subsequent years as we conceive the creation of the Institute for Development José Eugenio Montilla, INC. (Foundation Montilla) Which has made during its existence filiares in the city of New York, New Jersey, Miami, Council for the development of the province of Sanchez Ramirez USA and Madrid, Spain. This organizational work has resulted in the realization of different projects throughout the geography of the province of Sanchez Ramirez of which in this paper we will point out some of the works are:
Implementing a surgical program coordinated with institutions such as Healing the Children, Mission Medical Group, Officers Association of New York (NYDO) and our international subsidiaries. Similarly, and after seen the necessity of  drinking water the community has we implemented the construction of small water systems in communities like Barrio Padre Fantino, Barrio Lindo, the  Angelina Crossing, Sector la Fortuna, Hospital of the Municipality of Villa La Mata, among others; we built 80% built of the park in the Borough of  Angelina, The perimeter fences of Angelina Crossing Cemetery, we currently have under construction the building of the firefighters in the crossing of  Angelina, the building that will house the fire station of the cross of Angelina is under construction,  the first street lighting the Borough Angelina, we have collaborated with the repair of sports fields across the province of Sanchez Ramirez, repair and constructed churches, realization of lenses donation programs for children and adults with visual impairments , food distribution program for the needy, drug distribution program, multiple hospital equipment donations to Immaculate Conception hospital, donation of beds and mattresses to elderly nursing homes, hospital Immaculate Conception and different poly-clinics in the province. We have placed to the service of  the community free of cost  four ambulances, one water tanker truck for water distribution in needy neighborhoods, we put at the service of the Student Association Cotuisanos (ASEUCO) a bus of 56 passengers to travel CURNE, with the collaboration of deputy Cristian Paredes we donated a bus to the  Students Association of Platanal, and likewise through our institution and NYC Cuevans coordination we helped channel the donation of a bus to the municipal district of the Cueva. Similarly kept for 9 years in coordination with the ITECO one pro with an average of 9 scholarships for poor students of the province of Sanchez Ramirez.

The above mentioned represents only 15% of the accomplishments that during these years we have been doing and for obvious reasons we will not complete in this presentation.

Today we continue to develop various social programs designed to benefit the dispossessed class of our country.

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